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October 31, 2012:

Every year Mark Allgire, Assistant Superintendent of Business Services, 
      tells the School Board that the District is running at a deficit and that making draconian cuts is necessary to prevent using up the “rainy day” fund. 
      Since the 2003-’04 School year, the District’s Ending Fund Balance (the amount of money left over at the end of the year) has risen from $4.7 million to $11.2 million; 
      the amount required for the “rainy day” is $2.4 million. Please attend the November 13th School Board Meeting at the District Office, 1919 B street, 
      at 6:30 p.m. to hear the MUTA presentation to the Board on the state of our unit and the state of the District’s finances. <br />
      -- Please Attend November 13th School Board Meeting<br />
      --Keeping you informed, The MUTA Organizing Team

October 21, 2012:

Mark Allgire, “Financial Guru” and highly paid ($165,487/year) Assistant Superintendent of
Business Services for MJUSD, strikes fear in the hearts of Board Members when he presents
his “Multiyear Projections”. At his presentation in 2009-10 of his second interim report, Mr.
Allgire predicted that at the end of the 2011-12 school year the Ending Fund Balance would be a
negative $11,507,058.74. He was off in his prediction by $22,799,295.74

October 8, 2012:

The "Me Too" clause only works for administration when it’s good for them.

Design element   Did you know that at the July 24, 2012 School Board Meeting the Trustees voted unanimously to spike the Superintendent’s and Assistant Superintendent’s salaries? The only advantage to the district cited was to "make the salaries more transparent". The Board made the "perks" of the positions part of their base salaries. The public was provided with no actual numbers or list of perks to be added.
In the audio recording of the meeting you can hear the Superintendent argue that the action would be cost-neutral. It is not. As a result of the Board’s action, our Superintendent’s base salary (upon which her retirement is based) increased from $168,963 to $196,059. This $27,096 in perks does not include the $20,136 the district pays for her health insurance.

--Keeping you informed, The MUTA Organizing Team

Listen to the Board meeting of July 24, 2012 »
(15mb .mov file; requires QuickTime player.)
Inge’s presentation begins at about 12:00. Board action at 32:50 »

September 23, 2012:

The "Me Too" clause only works for administration when it’s good for them.

Design element Did you know that insured School Board Members
and MJUSD’s Superintendent get a raise every year?

Design element As your health insurance premium costs have increased
from a low of $0/month to a high of $1,021/month,
their cost has remained the same: $0/Month!

--Keeping you informed, The MUTA Organizing Team

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